Friday, October 29, 2010


She smiled when she knew that he was staring at her.
She glanced to him, and she was right.

After a moment, she saw herself,
Sitting in a chair, facing him
They're looking thorough each other's eyes
They're are shining,
They're mysterious.
There's something in each others stare
And she can't explain why

Then she saw herself,

They're now holding each others hand
Intertwining, she felt the warmness of his hand
She never knew that this would happen, again
Silent stares, but their minds were communicating
It seems like they are the only person in that place

She felt happy.
Her heart jumps and screams for joy.
And she's hoping that he was happy seeing her too.

Suddenly, it became dark.
She opened her eyes and felt the pain.
A pain that she knew will never ever heal.
A pain that she would carry on, forever.
Unless he came back to rescue her.
A hero that she was looking for.
He's not extraordinary,
But her heart exclaims that he's not ordinary
She knows that he's the only one for him.
No one will never replace him in her heart.


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