Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'll count from 1 to 3 from here

Most of the time, people become reluctant to rely onto others not because they weren't listening, nor they weren't there; it's because they did not make themselves feel that they were there for them.

I sometimes blame online technology for making communication more convenient and a lot easier; because we learn how people can easily ignore others as fast as a fraction of a second.

Do you know bad this person felt when needed a cushion or a channel to minimize the whole darkness inside?

Out of all those incidents, I'll be counting this as one, but definitely not the first. One, two, three and it will be soon all over.

I just can't seem to believe that having someone can make you feel alone and empty rather than being on your own, sadness rather than happiness, paranoia rather than confidence, and hopeless rather than hopeful.

Therefore I now declare that I really miss my old self, my old self that doesn't want anyone except for her family.

Guess that I am right that I'll be living alone someday. We will all be. And I am not afraid.