Saturday, October 20, 2012

You, you, you.

I've been thinking...what if it's been you all along?
What if it's you who made my life worth living?
after all these years that I existed?
I've been making myself too busy looking, waiting
Now I'm thinking if you really ever came into my life or even existed.

You, you, you.
I'm so crazy about 'you'
It's not 'you' but you,
The feeling that I'm feeling with you.
I'm just writing for me to remember you.

Just once, only once
Make me try to forget about you.

Savoring the last hour of my teenage year

I can't imagine how time flies so fast.
Plain words can't even explain.
Gaining and losing some friends ;
Fighting and losing battles.

New experiences and lessons learned,
We're learning who to keep,
Now we're trying to let go.

Some memories kept on haunting;
Some memories we can't recall.
But the best part is when you drop
And you'll flop your wings up above...

Now I'm reminiscing:
We used to cry for an injured knee,
We used to be afraid of the dark,
We used to be careless,
We used to pretend
that we can be anything we wanted.

Now, step back and feel the gravity,
And let me get you back to reality.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ang Tayutay ng Handaan

*ang litrato ay nagmula sa Flickr.
Eto na, nakahain na,
Ano 'pang inaantay mo?
Kulang pa ba ang paalala at pag-aasikaso?
Kulang pa ba ang hirap at pagod na dinaranas ko?
Hindi mo pa ba ramdam na ikaw na lang ang wala?

Ano 'pang inaantay mo?
Kunin na lamang ang kubyertos,
Isusubo na lamang,
Ngunit ika'y wala pa,
Hinanap ka na at lahat,
Hindi mo ba alam na para rin ito sa'yo?