Sunday, September 22, 2013


Waiting for nothing in the snow,
The tree has lost all its leaves,
We're still on the darkest winter,
Oh spring, will you ever come?

I'm still waiting for you to come,
Until the moment that I forget that I'm waiting.

i'm so sad, :(
so so sad.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Bucket List: Update!

It's been 6 months since we wrote our so-called "bucket list" during our retreat. Hmm. So let me recall some of the things that I wrote:

- To get a job right after graduation. (checked)
My goal was to start on May, and I nailed it! Though it is not my expected work nor career path, it could mean something, maybe a challenge or a fresh start for me. Thanks to Thomson Reuters :)  

- 2 Birds in 1 stone: To travel to one of the 7 Wonders of Nature + to hold a REAL starfish (checked)

Underground river in Puerto Princesa, Palawan! 1 down, 6 more to go! All I can say about our tour was "woooooow!" and I sincerely salute their former mayor Edward Hagedorn for his dedication and effort to promote Eco-tourism in the province. I can't wait to share the things that we've learned from our tour!

-To swim in an open ocean without wearing a life vest! (checked)

I really wanted to try this one a long time ago, but since my "motha" is bombrading me with words and worries, I can't really take off that protective gear. Oh well, I should say that I've hit 3 birds in one stone in our Palawan trip because this time, I pushed my limits! 

The picture on the left was one of my underwater shots during our snorkeling sessions on our island hopping at Honda bay. Too bad I haven't had any pictures of myself for memorabilia, so I've posted this picture instead. :)

To get a non-professional driver's license before I turn 21! (checked)
This is my symbolic representation of independence HAHA :) 

But there's more!
-To establish a food business! (A MUST!)
-This might be embarrassing, but I haven't planned a thanksgiving treat for my family yet, but technically these past few months, I can consider that I partially treated them (with the help of my siblings). HAHA, but still, I have to push this one on my own.
-To finally go to Enchanted Kingdom
-To experience para sailing, sky diving, white water rafting, and cliff diving
-To bake cream puffs and chocolate eclairs
-To skate on ice!
-To finish some drafts saved on blogger
-To join a triathlon event
-Buy a musical instrument
-To experience F1 driving
-Buy my own gadget
-Watch a movie...alone
-Own a Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Siberian Husky
-Confront "guyguy" (someday) (To those who knew this person, it is not "bitterness") HAHA
-To read 30 books/year
-To invest
-To finally ...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pull me in, take me out.

...and something's missing that is too hard find, too hard to fill.
But "tick-tock", it does not stop.
I'm left behind, so help me God.

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