Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I knew I never wasted my love for you
I know that it made me better;
better than who I am before the day the we met
You made my life worth living even just for a while.

You made me real,
You made me write this for you
I know I don't want anyone else,
I don't know when will I totally get over your spell
'cause I still want you badly here by my side
despite the stabs and blows that you've made to this pathetic girl.

You made me feel special,
Like a child having his new toy airplane;
He handled it with so much care for the first time;
He doesn't want anybody to touch it;
but he desperately wants to brag the whole world what he's got.

I still keep your letters,
It says you love me,
that you wanted spend another time with me.
But then a word followed it;
that we can't be together
Another letter says that you own me,
It made my heart jump and scream
I wanted to tell you that the feeling is mutual;
but there were many buts, and i can't think clearly.

Now I find myself looking for someone like you
To sweep off my feet,
To make me feel the same way that I felt about you.
Why is it always you?
Now I am wondering if I ever crossed your mind?