Friday, October 29, 2010

ako'y nagpapaka-POET nanaman :))
sorry trying hard.JOKE! wala kasing magawa ngayong sembreak eh :P
ewan ko kung para kanino o kung para saan to eh.HAHA!
hindi ko rin alam kung anong title nito, kung poem ba o kung ano man :))
since scratch paper yung title ng blog ko, edi SCRATCH lang to! HAHAHA!!

basta bigla na lang pumasok sa isip ko nung isang araw eh, kaya kung mapapansin mo, hindi related yung ibang lines.HAHA! :P

wag ng ituloy kasi baka matawa ka.HAHA!

I lie awake in this bed
I can hear the birds sing
As the breeze touches my face
I am waiting for you to come
You're the only thing that i needed
When will you came into this lifeless life?

Should I search for you?
Or should I just look around?
Just try to give me a sign
If you needed time, then I will wait
I would still wait if it takes forever

(You've got me head over heels)
I've been wanting to feel
those heart racing beats again
As if I ate a lot of butterflies
that suddenly goes to my stomach
As if there is a big lump in my throat
Just like a dying person who is grasping for air

As I write these words,
I've been thinking,
What shall happen next?
Then I told myself:
It's all up to Him.

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