Thursday, March 19, 2015


Are they really expecting for a home cook to be 100% knowledgable about food??
From history of a dish to the different kinds of spices? Or the Latin/Spanish origin of the term?
To further ignite my frustration, are home cooks expected to know the Eight Culinary Cuisines of China?
Then what is the difference between a chef/culinary student and a home cook? PLEASE TELL ME.

I know I have a lot to learn about these things BUT going back, it's a competition among the home cooks! I believe some culinary student can pass that test and some might not even name the 10 kinds of curry and the different types of adobo, but come on! It's just for audition! They haven't tried the REAL knowledge in the kitchen yet. 

Isn't it that passion for cooking and knowing what you're doing (and you WILL be doing with limited ingredients) in the kitchen would suffice the qualification? Just for the audition?? 

And you know what? The challenge is when someone is not 100% familiar with an ingredient and that person pulled it off with his/her cooking. And that is also the time when your 0% knowledge is filled. Remember the story of an empty cup? 

But hey, thanks for tapping me to expand my knowledge in kitchen vocabulary.

Please bear with my ranting. But I WANT TO REDEEM MYSELF. SO BAD.

So, here's another validation that my last name is indeed Hopeless.

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