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I'm on my nth day out of my 38 days in my practicum subject. So far, its been good for me when it comes to the relationship with the employees(although I haven't memorized all of their names correctly), they really are kind of me and because of that, they 'rarely' give my any other things to do, and I have limited resources to make myself busy.

Why did I say so?
I don't have my own desk and working computer(actually, I'm writing right now, during my working hours, good thing I can browse on this site, and finally, I'm using someone's computer while she's one of the participants of the on-going seminar somewhere in Mindanao. Thank God I had the chance to use one unit, but only up to this day, too bad), I'm only trying to make myself busy in reading books: to be precise, I already finished 6 books in an average of 3 days each book, that means I'm spending too much time on reading instead of working on something related to what I've studied although I know, as a trainee, that they will only give you clerical works most of the time, but they're giving me almost none.

Anyway, I've discovered a lot of authors lately and I'm going to read their novels the next day I had the chance to grab a copy of an e-book, a PDF copy or an actual book. Maybe I'll try to read Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince" or Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables". I'm really interested in reading this since high school because one of our teachers told us that Machiavelli's work has been one of the favorite books of late president Marcos during his regime.

Going through the whole point, it feels like I've been working here for years! I don't know if I'm the only one who feels bored, exasperated and anxious on my everyday routine: waking up 5:30 in the morning, dressing up at 6, preparing my things for work and leave the house at 6:45 then, you'll go home 7 or 8 in the evening and eat your late dinner at 9pm. I can probably relate this routine during my ordinary school days but this time, it feels like I'm emotionally and mentally tired, not because I'm doing too much mental thinking and analyzing tables, graphs and any other economic variables in the firm that I'm working on, but I'm tired because of the idle 'hours' that have been wasted. In short, I'm not really productive at all, in every single day. I don't know yet, but right at this moment, I don't know if I want to stay at this kind of workplace; I admit it has a good reputation and even a good working environment (working in a high rise building and good food served at the canteen), but I don't feel like I belong to this kind of work until the day that I'll retire.

'Lemme share you some things that I've experienced in my almost first half of my on the job training(this includes the pros and cons):

-I do feel hungry always (because I'm not doing anything, and I'm just staring at someone's computer observing what they're doing)

-Eating 'dinner' at 9 to10 in the evening

-Feeling the "burp of hunger" on our way home.

-A burning sensation in my ass for a 2-hour ride from the office to our home

-It's really relaxing to see the bird's eye view of the city while you're eating and working. (and even the sunset!)

-I had the chance to use a PDF editor to edit certain forms and files (the day that I had a reasonable over time)

-I've read the corporation's strategic planning kit on my first day of training (I chose to be part of the Corporate Planning Department) and updated some PowerPoint Presentations to be discussed by the department head on their seminar.

-You won't feel hungry during snack time in the afternoon because they always give you some food.

-I made some friends here (they're currently on the program of the government called "Government Internship Program" a.k.a. GIP). I really like their company because they're so fun to be with and I enjoy having lunch with them. One factor is that they're sharing each other's ulam; they're not the type of buddies who are too formal and pretentious. And speaking of food, they won't let you starve because they will bring extra lunch just for you in spite of their financial circumstances.Another factor is that when they feel about about something or someone, they try to confront them as soon as possible, instead of holding grudges in the and bursting out in the end.

-As an Economics Student, they've given me the chance to access and validate their macroeconomic data. I've learned at lot from this part and I become aware of the current inflation rate, the foreign exchange rates, overnight borrowing, labor force, the current stand of the country, etc.

-I always read the daily newspaper and reading articles in our department and I realized its value. It's really important especially in a corporate word because it gives you a lot of information in the current issues in the country and finally how it may affect the state of the firm.

-I'm applying some of my financial economics skills(and all of my major subjects as well). The use of basis and percentage points, turnovers, stocks and bonds, money market instruments, portfolios, an many other more, I can truly grasp its importance especially when you're working. It's a good thing that schools today are exposing their students as early as third year.

-I became friends with their big calculator (it's really helpful to have one especially when you're computing for a lot of figures and tables).

-I found out that planning events in a corporate world is much intense, tiring and stressing rather than planning events in our organization, difference is that in a corporate world, it has a low probability of lacking funds for organizing events and as to a college organization, you'll be needing a lot of sponsors to cover all of you expenses and making the participants spend less than a peso. Events planning in a corporate world really takes a lot of time, effort, printing, papers, contracts, schedules, and drafts to come up with a single event. This event that I happen to be part of includes the person at the top of the company's hierarchy down to the department heads of the corporation.

-Microsoft Outlook. I thought this software is just an insignificant program in MS Office; but when you get here, you'll be able to use this and take this program as an essential software that can connect you to the other employees and different branches and offices up to the farthest place that internet can reach. Substitute to an E-mail.

-I learned how to use a photocopying machine (technically, its the second time, but I vaguely remember how to operate it from my internship during my 4th year)

-Made my first call to some departments during my second day for my events planning task.

-Drink coffee every morning. I remember I promised to myself that I'm not going to drink coffee unless its from a coffee shop, but here we go, coffee-to-go!

-Hear the same station and THE SAME SONGS and RADIO JOCKS everyday, to be specific, we're listening to WOW FM. According to my mental statistics, the most frequent songs that is playing in the station is "Moving Closer" by Never The Strangers and "Jet Lag" by Simple Plan. I recently discovered Mr. Fu's high pitched tone saying "______, Mali ka na...saan ba nagsimula?" (correct me if I'm wrong with the lyrics) -this came from an OPM song that whenever I hear the singer's high pitched-baby talk-voice, I really get pissed and Mr.Fu used this as one of his famous lines such as "me ganon!", and I was like "trolling" whenever he uses this line.

-I learned that one of my bosses knew by Operations Research professor, amazing!

-Lastly, I am thankful for having a free ride everyday, many thanks to my mom's friend, she's too generous and kind. With her pleasing attitude, you'll never know that she's one of the department heads and dealing with numerous digits.

So you reached the end! I'll be posting some pictures soon :)

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