Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If You Can’t Stop Thinking About It, You Shouldn’t Stop Working For It

Once you find the right things or people to focus on, to devote your life to, life becomes better – instantly.

Not necessarily easier, but definitely better, more rewarding, more meaningful and more hopeful.

The hard part is continuing the pursuit when life makes it difficult to continue doing so.

Never give up on the things and people who mean the most to you in life because if you do, your life will lose meaning.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. Don’t stop pushing ahead, no matter how difficult it may be.

You can take rests along the way, but make sure you get up and continue heading in the right direction as soon as you regain energy.

If you give up on the things and individuals you believe hold meaning, then you are, quite literally, giving up on yourself. Nothing could ever be sadder.

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