Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 In a (one blog post)Nutshell

Amid the stunning fireworks and the 'earthquake' beats from my neighbor's stereo...(ano daw?? haha)

Grabe, habang tinitignan ko to, sobrang dami palang nangyari last year 😄 siyempre kasama na rin dun yung walang pictures haha

Sabi nga ng FOB, "Thanks for the memories, even though they're weren't so great" pero siyempre halos lahat ng memories maganda! haha

ikaw, gaano ka-memorable ang 2014 mo compared to other year and to another year? ano daw? haha

January 11 - 12 2014: TREAT Surf Camp at La Union with New Found friends:

February 10, 2014: I was invited to be one of the speakers for a career orientation from my Alma Mater. =)
(I know some of my friends would say, "SERIOUSLY??") I know right? hahaha

February 25, 2014: Tandem Gliding trip at Carmona, Cavite. (Unfortunately, many of us didn't make it due to some wind problems. HUHU I wish I could try this next year. BUKO, pleaaaaaseee?? haha

February 22, 2014: This was supposed to be "diving" trip at Batangas. Pero masaya pa rin, until next Feb, travel buddies =)
Olaf the sandman! HAHA
March 9-10, 2014: EDC's first "team building" at Pansol hahaha :)

March 26-30, 2014: TREAT @ Batanes =)
One word: "Mavid" grabeeee super stunning lang lahat ng bagay dito HAHA totoo! I shall return, Batanes. haha

Some photos were grabbed from Mavic, Zoe, and Marlon.
Literally "rolling hills" haha at ang epal ko lang sa photo
Parang tumatae lang ako dito haha

Dahil napakahangin sa labas haha
TOP BUNK!! super enjoy pero masakit sa pwet haha :P
Biking at super STEEEEP trails! :)

March 31, 2014: First time kong ma-ospital at makabitan ng swero! 😭 

May 10, 2014: Lipper Summer Outing
First Time ko mag wall climibing! Super sulit at masakit sa maskelsss
Photo grabbed from Joanne.
Wall climbing buddies!
From top: Jon, Glazle, Joanne, Roxy
Mads, Kat, Marge, Andi, and Jerome

June 22, 2014: First "out of town" trip with Eco friends after graduation :) hihi

June 26, 2014: I was chosen as one of the finalists of our company's "Masterchef" but unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them at the competition proper... IYAK haha damn traffic!

and the day after that, Sandy died. Talking about not-so-good memories...

August 17-20, 2014: First "out of the country" trip @ HK :) 

August 26- September 1, 2014: Barista 101 class :)
From left: Rosalie, Karen (na kaloka-like ni Shalani), Mark, Jen, Sir Alex, Sir Dave, HB, Kat, John, Raizel, Fred, Mark, and kaloka-like ni Pnoy haha! Wala si Sir Wency!!
Planning turned out to food tripping HAHA

August 30: TRFC peeps :)

September 5, 2014: Muningning died. and i died.

September 29, 2014: Internship @ PBCA:
after one month of last! haha

I'm with batch 103! So my first day of intership will always be remembered as the day that I accidentally dropped a shot glass, clumsiness attack! haha

October 2014: Sunday Scuba Diving @ Planet Dive :)

"cool" dapat yung bubuuin kong letters eh, anyare sa kamay ko? at ang kulit ni Alroy sa likod!
with Renegade Scuba Dive Masters :)

aaaaand happy birthday to my stressed face! haha

November 1, 2014: Lipper's first halloween parteeeh 
When Vampire themed costumes turned "Vampires of the Carribean" haha

Novermber 1-2, 2014: Surfing @ Zambales!
Check out my post here.

November 20-something: I finally bought my first camera! aheeheeheee

December 3, 2014: My first Christmas party with PBCA peeps 😊

December 6, 2014 year end party!

December 13, 2014: TRFC @ Yuppies League! :) Our first trophy on our first league! 

(an unexpected December 20th with them!)

 and I'm ending this post with the three stooges JOKE! HAHA 

Kulang man ako sa emosyon noong 2014, thank you pa rin 2014!! 😄🎉 
Bring it on 2015! haha

It's that little souvenir, of a colorful year
Which makes me smile inside

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