Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wish wish wish ish sh

Almost everybody wants to have 'this' and 'that' when death comes their way.
Others wanted to be forgiven, wanted to see their long lost loved ones, and the long list goes on and on...

But then I realized that there is more than just getting the things (even though your lifeless body cannot benefit from it) that you wanted on your last day, on your last breath, on your last existence in the human race (I suppose the last one applies only to those who don't believe in reincarnation hehe)

And when that time comes, I would like it to be this way:

I wanted to give every functioning organ in my body, not because I wanted to be remembered but because I wanted them to remember that that could be the time that they should be able to help others as well. (ano daw? Ako ba to? Hahaha)

So what's your dying wish? :)

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