Sunday, July 13, 2014

Green thumb! 7.13.14

Looks like I've got a new gardening it is! 

From this day going forward, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed to make these herbs last for a very loooong period (except for Cilantro and Parsley since they can't propagate through cutting)

So here goes my quest in finding the best priced culinary plants:

I was originally looking for Manila Seedling Bank Foundation Inc. located near the Dept. of Agriculture in Quezon city. But to my dismay, the establishment was demolished by the QC government on February this year (but but but good news! I just found out (just today) that they were relocated at QC Memorial circle)

Salcedo market was an option, but I found out that one pot of Basil plant costs P75-80 (that's equivalent to 2 pots of Basil if you're going to buy at Manila Seedling Bank!)

After exhausting the google search box, I came across some advertisements on (a.k.a and found several sellers online and thank good Lord heavens, I just clicked on the right ad! Haha

I bought these herbs from (should I say 'plant hobbyists'?? Haha) namely Rod and Mark. You may reach them through this email address:
Aaaand this address: 2069 Makiling St Cor Blumentritt St Sampaloc, Manila 
beside Maranatha Christian Academy (Ibarra-Makiling)

P.S. They're very very (with emphasis on the second 'very') generous when it comes to their offer and they're very accommodating (they're not open every Sunday, but they're doing business on a Sunday today, lucky me!) to my inquiries as well. Mark will actually tell you the basics in maintaining these kind of herbs on your garden.

But getting our way to Makiling St. was a great challenge haha! Good thing GPS came in handy as well as my big brother to drive you along the confusing streets of Manila (specifically Bluementritt area)

Hello (literally) big brothaaa, just in case you're reading this post, "thank you! Yiee" hahaha!

I made myself some labels to keep myself from having trobule which herb is which :)

By the way, listed below were the plants that I bought:
-Sweet Basil
-Lemon Thyme
-Italian Oregano

-K :3

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