Sunday, January 19, 2014

TREAT: Surf Camp @ San Juan, La Union (11.16.13)

This hostel is located along Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union. For commuters, just ask the driver to drop you at San Juan Surf Resort or at Circle Hostel in Urbiztondo.

For only P400/night, you can avail their bunk beds or use their hammocks for P300/night (it all comes with free Pandesal in the morning haha :) 

Meet my adventure buddy, Trish! :)

This is their common area. You can play cards, guitar, Ukelele, flag football, play drinking games or even take a nap and feel the cool breeze on their hammocks. :)

Since this is a common area, you will also meet a lot of tourists, first-time surfers and backpackers!

Let me share with you some snapshots taken at The Circle: (I took these photos using my not-so-high resolution iPad haha)

Tree house! :)
You can also paint on everything (literally everything), for free! :)

Surf lessons with Boshong(on the surf board)

meet my surf instructor, Tina! :)

Susnset at the beach is <3 br="">

Good morning to you too waves haha! ;)

Meet the TREAT together with some of our instructors! Sayang hindi kumpleto hihi

Meet some of my new found friends (except for Trish)! Haha :) (left: me, trish, mj, seth)

#therearenostrangers ;)

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