Sunday, October 27, 2013

Movie Stars Cafe

Interior w/o lights

Lion King performance

Lion King!!
They also have life-sized superhero models!

Movie Stars Cafe is located at the seaside road near SM Mall of Asia. It is a movie-themed restaurant wherein their waiters and waitresses appear as different superheroes and villains. But they don't only feature cartoon or comic characters, they also have performances inspired by some movies such as High school musical and Step Up.

  Check out our experience last October 20th!


There are Dino Buffet deals through metro deal and ensogo that can offer 33 up to 50% off the original price!

Make sure to reserve your seats during dinner time (6-9pm) to catch their coolest performance!
The deal was really worth it when it comes to their outstanding performance. But I think the price for the Dino buffet itself wasn't all worth the price considering the variety of dishes (specifically, only meat dishes), and there wasn't any dessert served at the buffet! But but but, their Carbonara, nachos and roast pork are really delicious!

If you happen to dine at this restaurant, I suggest you order ala carte or group meals instead of their Dino buffet. 

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