Sunday, October 27, 2013

21 and 21st!

Last October 21st, I just turned 21, yey! 

Well, the day itself didn't turn out very special. But the "celebration" days were awesomeeee! :)

My first birthday celebration was with EDC team during the "Eidul Adha" or the Feast of Sacrifice holiday. 
Me, together with my two other team mates who celebrated their birthday weeks ago agreed to have a team dinner.

On the day of the holiday itself, we found out that the restaurants that we want to dine in are really jam-packed with people celebrating their day-ff during the holiday! Too bad. :(

But after a few walks and after a loooong search on different buffet and restaurants around Ayala, we happen to take the risk to get some seats at the Krocodile Grille located at Greenbelt 3.

Annnnd, thank God their food is really delicious and their group meals are really affordable! We actually had some meals left untouched because we were really bloated.

I do recommend their sisig, clam choweder and kare-kare. (Read my full review on Krocodile Grille here!)
EDC family! (too bad our team manager took his leave that day)
The second celebration was also a birthday-fuse celebration with Abi. Together with Eds and Dyan, we also had a dinner at The Old Spaghetti House at SM Mall of Asia. (Read my TOSH review here!)
I do recommend their carbonara, tiramisu and supremo pizza, yummy! (Full review here!)

After our dinner, we took a ride at MOA's eye on the seaside (but the original plan was at around 5:45 PM to view the sunset, but still it was fun to ride the MOA's eye on the evening to see the city lights). 

It's been months since I last saw these girls, so we decided to stay up late catching up with their stories.

The most exciting part of that night was the accidental "road trip" on our way home. haha! I know I am to blame because I only had an hour and a half of sleep before our dinner because of an unexpected 4-hour overtime at work that's why I was not 100% me that time. Oh man! 

So this is how we spent our road trip: from Roxas boulevard, I forgot to take the flyover so we ended up going to Gil Puyat and dealt with the never ending "no left turn" signs in Makati. Then I decided just to take the C5 road but strike 2! We ended up at BGC hahaha!! 

Good thing, I was familiar with BGC because my team mates and I always hang out at the BGC every Friday, so I am familiar with the streets. After that, we went back to Makati down to Taft and took the LRT 1 route. 

But the excitement never ended there, when we finnaly get to the Manila City Hall, Eds suggested the direction to where we should go...and BOOM! It wasn't the road going to Quiapo hahaha!

Thank God, I have my Google maps app with me! hahaha, until we finally reached Bambang and took those too crowded and narrow streets to reach Laon-laan. Well, we also had some minor problems after that, haha! But tadaaa, we just had a very tiring but exciting road trip hahaha!

P.S. Also on that day, I just bought a new guitar! Yeyyyy, another accomplishment on my bucketlist! The whole package comes with a free but oversized red "Fender" shirt. haha!

The day after that day, we had a meet-up with some relatives near UST and he treated us on a lunch at SM Megamall. Too bad our favorite buffet restaurant was full of reservations and unfortunately we were 17th on the waiting list.

So we tried to eat at Cabalen. The choice of food compared to other buffet restaurants were limited.

After our lunch-out with my relatives, we went to... Movie Stars Cafe! I've been aiming to dine at this restaurant since the day my friends and I hang out at MOA's seaside! 

I really do want to see the entertaining performance of their staff! Good thing I found a deal that offers 33% on their buffet.

HAHAHA! I really love this one!
V for...ugh! (*choked*)
The deal was really worth it when it comes to their outstanding performance (actually, my brother says that they're most probably underpaid). But I think the price for the Dino buffet wasn't all worth the price considering the limited variety of their dishes (to be specific, only meat dishes), and there wasn't any dessert served at the buffet! But but but, their Carbonara, nachos and roast pork are really delicious! If you happen to dine at this restaurant, I suggest you order ala carte or group meals instead of their Dino buffet. (Read my full review of Movie Stars Cafe here!)

On the middle of our dinner, the staff who was wearing Vendetta costume asked me to go to the stage to join the Footloose dance number!

Ughhh I'm not really good at dancing (especially that time I was wearing a dress!) haha but here's a sneak peak of that performance to prove that I don't really dance. HAHA!

On the day of my birthday:
I wasn't expecting anything on the day of my birthday, I just spend the entire morning at DFA to renew our passport (exactly what happened during my birthday 5 years ago haha) and cleaning up my room.

But when I get to my work station, I was surprised Dori gave me a box full of messages, pictures, chocolates and a capo that all came from my college friends! Thanks guysss <3 p="">

Another surprise that day was the cake from my team mates. Usually, they always buy a birthday cake days or weeks after the birthday celebration but this time, it was on time haha!

The funny part was they included my crush's name on the dedication! Also, they gave me a letter that came from him. But I know its fake hahaha! And they finally said that it was indeed a fake letter. haha! But I was actually touched! (but they said that the original plan was to personally greet me at my birthday, good thing that didn't happen haha!)

At the end of the day, me = bankrupt hahaha!! But it was worth it.

I just wish I could celebrate this with all of my closest friends (maybe some other time within this year!)

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