Friday, April 5, 2013

The Bridge (a short story)

Once there was a bridge that can grant someone’s wish if they manage to cross the other side of it.

First, a photographer appeared and was amazed on how the bridge was built and the landscape surrounding it. But he has a problem – how can he get the perfect angle of the bridge without falling?
The bridge heard him and gave the photographer an illusion so that he may cross the other end of the bridge and therefore grant his wish.

In the photographer’s illusion, he knew that he was only dreaming, but the bridge manipulated him to get the right angle and right timing to get the perfect picture. When he came back to his normal consciousness, he found out he wasn’t dreaming.

The bridge, who was desperate to find someone to talk to, talked to him. But the photographer was overwhelmed with emotions and became terrified by the incident. He quickly ran away and never went back to the bridge again.

Next, a musician found the bridge at the midst of his loneliness and wanted to rekindle the flame that he had with his girlfriend. He wished that time that this could be the perfect place that he can use to serenade his girl so that they could reconcile. The bridge heard his thoughts while the man was strolling up to the end of the bridge. When the man looked back, he noticed that he was already at the middle of the bridge, singing songs to her long lost girlfriend. Along with his romantic gesture is the perfect ambiance – a starry night and miraculously, they were seeing an Aurora in the night sky. Right after their celebration, the man asked his girl for her hand. She gleefully agreed to become his wife and left the bridge.

After the musician’s proposal, he went back to the bridge and reminisce his happy thoughts with his wife. The bridge remembered him and carelessly talked to the man:

“Do you still remember me? I hope you’re happy now.”

The man was frightened at the talking bridge and without any second thoughts; he dashed away from the bridge.

Many years have passed, and the bridge became more lonesome and started to deteriorate.

An ordinary man passed by the bridge and saw its current state. He wished that the bridge be fixed so that he could cross to the other side. The bridge heard him but couldn't grant his wish because the bridge does not have the ability to fix itself even though it can make any wishes come true.

The man then found some materials to fix the bridge. And at the end of the day, he managed to fix the foot of the bridge and walk to the other side. 

Surprisingly, he cried when he got to the other side of the bridge although he felt that he’s actually at home. His sole purpose of repairing the bridge is that he can’t be seen by anyone that he’s crying like a baby.
The bridge saw him repair its broken parts and was overjoyed that someone repaired its foot despite that it might fall due to its old age anytime.

The bridge does not want to startle the man by talking, so the bridge found a way to uplift the man. The bridge got into the mind of the man and reminded him of his happy thoughts. The bridge became too attached to the emotions of the man but cannot fathom his reaction when he crossed the end bridge. And right after that, the bridge cannot stop itself to talk to the man:

“Why are you so sad?” and the man said,

“It’s just that I don’t have the best things in life! I don’t own a car, I can’t afford to buy a house and even open my own bank account! I don’t feel loved by my family and I consider each one of them as a failure! I have a drunkard dad, a workaholic mom, a gambler brother and a promiscuous sister. My girlfriend left me for she has gotten all that she needed from me. How can you live with that?”

“But how can I help?”

The man just said nothing and his tears ran from his eyes to the foot of the bridge.

The bridge felt his agony on every tear that he shed to its planks. Unconsciously, the bridge realized that the man was talking without feeling scared or weird at all. He was just like talking to another person that he already knew. The bridge felt that its pursuit of happiness have been found already, and said:

“You can use these woods at my foot to build your own home and sell the wires and lumber to help you start a new life.”

The man bought the idea and immediately started disassembling the different parts of the bridge. He sold the lumber and wires in an instant and built his new house. Now, he felt happy and came back to thank the bridge for helping him.

But then it was late that he realized that the bridge has fallen... The bridge is gone and he can never go back to the place the he felt home.

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