Saturday, February 11, 2012


Everybody doesn't have a chance to get what they want or even what they really needed. Sometimes, we must learn how to appreciate the things that are left with us. Based on what I've learned on all of my economics subject, everything depends on how you will look at the situation: when you looked at it on an optimistic way, it might love you back, or even gave you more than what what you deserve; and when you looked at the situation on a pessimistic side, things might just get a little bit worse or should I say 'messed up'?   But there will always be certain factors that may affect your decisions. And its not that easy to be grateful at the things that are left with you.

Sometimes, when we don't get what what we want, most of us try to bury ourselves in misery and despair, that we don't have any guts to kick some asses but rather think that we are just pain in the ass. They say that it is a good sign that we feel pain because we live on the cliche that 'we are humans, that we cannot get rid of the pain' or 'God has bigger plans for you' but we just can't accept the fact that its really painful, after the hard work and sacrifices that you've done to earn something and getting things that are much less than your average expectations, its just...its really hard to deal with this kind of situation.

Looking at my own state, I found out that it's really hard to hold back your tears when a sudden misfortune comes your way. They say you shouldn't let others see your weakness, but ...

okay, so I think I'll just cope up with this miserable situation, sail with the waves
And i'll be ready to prepare my big fake smile and continue to keep these tears on my mind.

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