Friday, October 28, 2011

Early Christmas Wishlist :))

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
 Even though I watched the movie first, I still wanted to read this book! :)

Something Blue by Emily Giffin
I wanted to know more about Darcy(this book goes after Something Borrowed)!

Memo Plus Gold
Yeah, I'm serious with this! hahahaha :))

a stand mixer :(
...but it costs more than 20,000Php! too bad :( or maybe a simple hand mixer would do.haha!

more baking tools/equipment!
i started to love this since started to bake on our Practical Arts class during high school :)
and I'm so happy my mom bought us A USABLE oven last month..hahaha! ('cause we have an electric oven that we didn't use for more than 7 years)

I really wanted to try this a looooong long time ago but my parents didn't allow me when I was still a poor little kid. :(

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