Friday, April 1, 2011

A nightshift

An 8-hour night shift in a fast food chain makes me feel bored and uncomfortable, especially for a person who loves the sun and likes the noise of the city with people rushing through the train station to get to their work on time

Staring at the blank tables, looking through the glass window with empty parking lots and the deafening silence makes the place more uncomfortable; one crew was moping the floor, the other one was checking the inventory, and the three of us in the counter, the two are hooked on their cellular phones to check on their facebook account while there are no customers approaching the counter, thanks to the free Wi-Fi service.

Since my phone doesn’t appear to have any means to internet connection, I decided to update my messages on my inbox. It was a long time since I read my text messages on my phone.

I was looking through my old text messages to delete some texts. Then suddenly, I found this:

“Sapat na kayong friends ko! Need to pay back sa kanya. haha! Best ko yun eh di ba, E-Roll? Haha!”

Actually, that E-Roll was meant to taunt me. 

The name E-Roll a.k.a Egg Roll was our nickname to Ethan, my old friend that they’re teasing me my suitor admirer.

That time, we were talking about his best friend because they don’t have much time to bond with each other.
I smiled. 

There was a sudden recall of the things that had happened that night. I can’t believe that we are this close than what we are nowadays. It was like we didn’t know each other anymore now.

That time, I felt relieved. It was like; he assured me that there would be no any other, that there won’t be anyone who would get through to ruin our friendship. I was happy that he was contented that we are his friends and not just like any other friend; there’s a special bond that makes us different from others.

But people change.  

We can’t really say that there are people who are meant to stay with us even if they are already contented to be with us in this moment. 

There’s no such thing as permanent.
Funny isn’t it? I just looked at the date and I found out that it was exactly one year when I received that text. I haven’t updated my phone for a long time. 

I wonder if he can still remember the words that he sent to me that day.

“Can I have two cups of hot coffee please?”
That was the last order before my shift ended.

"Ma'am, Sir, extra...sugar?" I asked.

When I handed the packs of sugar, Genevieve was at my back to start her shift. I grabbed my things and felt the breeze of the morning. I really love the fresh air coming from the trees and the sun is starting to wake up the people in the metropolis.

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