Friday, June 11, 2010


chosss! hahahaha :))
oo na sige na..malay ko ba kung sinong nakakabasa ng blog ko na 'to? :))
wala lang.gusto ko lang i-share >:)
kung may error sa grammar, sabihin niyo lang.HAHA!

just a simple thought of you
can make myself crazy on you
i always wanted to be with you
my heart pumps as if there's no tomorrow
only you made me feel this
this kind of needing and wanting

my hands are starting to tremble again,
they want your hands to fit theirs
perfectly intertwining
just like our hearts
but it is now drifting apart

when will i see you again?
when will these eyes stare at your beautiful face?
and when will these lips will meet yours?
i lie awake in my bed
and waiting to see you again

years and years had gone by
and i now wonder
if you still look the same
if you're still the person that i adore

i wanted to touch you
but you're too far from me
and i want to wake up next to you

**ugh i don't know how to end this..parang ang awkward kasi ng ending line.

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