Friday, March 26, 2010

just think about these...

eto nakakatawa pa 'to eh...pero...

totoo naman din eh.. yung free legal services for the poor..(yung bill na pinasa ni lito lapid)

eh yung kay Noynoy? He authored 9 bills but none of them passed the senate(some of those were wtill pending on the House of Representatives.

i got these questions from an album in facebook.

10 Things to Think About:

1. What if Noynoy was not the son of Ninoy and Cory?

2. What if Kris Aquino is not an actress?

3. The role of Congress is to legislate laws. If you're part of it but wasn't able to legislate any law, what do you call yourself?

4. (on number three) Trying maybe good. Trying to pass the reproductive Health Bill is good? (It is important to note that whereas the general tone of the bill appears to be positive and health promoting in style, upon closer scrutiny it contains deeply tricky principles, impositions and subtexts).

5. If character, competence, etc. are inherited, why do great people have prodigal sons?

6. 'Sa Ngalan ng Tubo'? (film on Hacienda Luisita) is a good film.

7. Why did Erap win? He was popular. He was not corrupt. He was service-oriented. (Until he became President) Noynoy is? Popular. Not corrupt. But not service-oriented. (What if he becomes President).

8. Let's talk about platform. (Someone answers: What platform? Let's talk about our parents)

9. Why not really think about these?

10. Truth hurts doesn't it? Why not share these.

**hindi sa naninira ako pero sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam..ayun lang..

sana mag-isip tayo nang mabuti sa iboboto natin sa eleksyon sa Mayo.


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